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Dr. Javier Ayala   ·  10/18/23

Support. But am not sure the field is there yet for a degree. LMI looks like most LMI for other occupations.

Efrain Silva   ·  10/17/23

IVC supports new program.

Susan Wyche   ·  10/17/23

Palomar College supports this program and I'm guessing the LMI on this will be changing rapidly as more companies embrace the new technology.

Jennifer Lewis   ·  10/17/23

SWC supports MiraCosta's efforts in developing a new Associate's Degree in AI.

John Edwards   ·  10/06/23

MiraCosta College submitted the appropriate LMI from the COE. The COE recommends proceeding with caution when developing a new program because 1) there is a supply gap; 2) entry-level wages are above the living wage; but 3) employers typically require a bachelor's degree as the minimum educational requirement. Colleges should also note that existing programs for artificial intelligence in San Diego County award a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree at this time.

Dr. Al Taccone   ·  09/21/23

Greetings Region Dean Colleagues, Though the LMI indicates, the majority of AI related jobs may require bachelors degrees I offer that these emerging technology related positions need time to flesh out and the LMI be assessed again at some point given the objectives shared in the narrative for the MiraCosta College proposed COA and degree. The LMI report, as usual, is well done by our COE, but, may need to be looked at in the future to align with the occupation codes indicated in the narrative of the proposal approved by the MiraCosta curriculum committee and that will be sent to the chancellor's office. The LMI will help us all to move forward with creating degrees and certificates related to the emerging AI technology, however, may not represent the job available to students who may seek jobs and careers related to AI. Thank you for your consideration!

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