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December 2018
  • Dec 11 - Updated LMI link for IE/DRC.
  • Dec 17 - Updated the Doing What Matters logos.
November 2018
  • Nov 16 - Quick fix for radio buttons. Users were previously able to select multiple radio options.
October 2018
  • Oct 1 - Improved error/success messages when saving dafts.
  • Oct 4 - Resolved bug which prevented users from saving a draft if the data was too large.
September 2018
  • Fixed overflowing button
  • Improved Return to Previous Page link
  • Turned link into button
  • Improved Validation for Drafts page
August 2018
  • Added "Archive" and "Informational" statuses for programs that do not need regional recommendation.
  • Improved user dashboard design.
  • Added new questions to the program submission form.
  • Reorganized program submission form and reworded questions in order to match CCCCO program submission website.
  • Added advanced editing fields in program submission form.
  • Added voting feature.
  • Super users can designate voting members and alternate voting members who can vote on individual program submissions.
  • Super users can certify votes or clear votes.
  • Updated icons throughout website.
  • Optimized stylesheet.
On Going
  • Ambiguous error is displayed when a program is returned to drafts twice.
  • Unknown circumstances cause the “Return to Drafts” feature to fail. Testing is being conducted in order to find the cause.
  • Associate of Science Degree and Associate of Arts Degree are not saved in drafts if checked.
  • Regional Specific fields are not saved in drafts.
  • Export does not always print region specific questions
  • Region-specific answers are not displayed correctly on review page prior to submission
  • Region-specific validation allows for incomplete questions to be submitted.
  • Error Exception: Trying to get property of non-object when user views draft submitted in different region.
  • Failed validation for checkboxes in program submission form allows form to continue, leads to "Whoops" error upon submission.
24 May 2018
  • JavaScript performance optimization feature (Rocket Loader) were causing JavaScript to not load on program submission page for Internet Explorer users. Issue was resolved by disabling performance optimization feature.
17 April 2018
  • Due to spam, our contact form will only be available to users who are signed into their accounts.
5 April 2018
  • We've updated our Privacy Policy to better reflect the information we collect.
5 April 2018
  • Resolved relation error which did not allow users to submit exemption requests.
26 March 2018
  • Resolved bug which did not allow users to select Program Type "Associate of Science Degree".
2 February 2018
  • Step 1 (LMI confirmation) is skipped when you are viewing a draft.
  • The title of the submit page changes if you are working on a draft.
23 January 2018
  • Solution for error exception caused by viewing drafts.
22 January 2018
  • Supplementary documents can now be deleted by super users.
22 January 2018
  • Added a new question to the Bay Area Region Specific Questions
  • Comments, attached files, and supplementary documents are now visible to users who are not logged in.
19 January 2018
  • Improved server performance.
  • Super users have the ability to return program submissions to users' drafts.
  • Super users can attach documents, such as meeting minutes, to program submissions.
  • Changed the order in which program submissions are displayed. The newest submissions are now displayed on the first page.
  • Users can now attach multiple documents for LMI file upload field.