Rose LaMuraglia   ·  04/08/20

City has the same concerns posted in the previous Cyber proposal regarding LMI and the potential oversupply as South Western, City and now Palomar will be offering similar programs.

Dr. Al Taccone   ·  04/05/20

MiraCosta College supports/recommends.

Molly Ash   ·  03/16/20

SDCE and City recommended electronically

Dr. Javier Ayala   ·  03/11/20


Larry McLemore   ·  03/10/20

Cuyamaca recommends

Danene Brown   ·  03/10/20

Mesa recommends.

Jesse Lopez   ·  03/10/20

No issues from Miramar College. Approval recommended.

Molly Ash   ·  03/06/20

Southwestern's response to Margie's question: Tom Luibel and I talked about this topic for a long time when we forming it. With the program having a internship requirement component and that most of our potential locations for these have Law Enforcement backgrounds or require clearances, Tom felt it would better in AJ. Currently we have two adjunct instructors from the FBI who are civilians employees teaching for us. They are experts in the field and they have contacts in the LE world along with my contacts at SD Sheriffs, SDPD, UCSD , etc. All of the nexus is to AJ. Potential 4 year program GCU also have their programs tied to AJ programs. The other program we are exploring a continuation with is UCSD who handles all of the law enforcement camera videos and cyber.

margie fritch   ·  03/03/20

Palomar is fine with this program moving forward. I just had one question about the choice of TOP code. Why AJ and not Computer Science when the majority of the courses are in the Computer Science discipline.

Dr. Al Taccone   ·  02/28/20

No issues from MiraCosta College. Approval recommended.

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