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Susan Wyche   ·  02/09/24

Palomar College approves.

Alex Berry   ·  02/08/24

Mesa College supports this.

George Dowden   ·  02/08/24

Cuyamaca supports this.

Efrain Silva   ·  02/08/24

IVC Supports new program.

Dr. Javier Ayala   ·  02/01/24

GC endorses.

Dr. Al Taccone   ·  02/01/24

MiraCosta College endorses.

Jennifer Lewis   ·  02/01/24

SWC supports this proposal for a new COA that is part of the stackable award options that support completion of the existing Associates Degree.

Tina Ngo Bartel   ·  01/25/24

This COE recommends that the colleges proceed with developing a new program and supports a program modification because 1) there is a supply gap in San Diego County; 2) entry-level wages are above the living wage; and 3) there is a high number of annual job postings. The labor market information (LMI) indicates that workers in Engineering Technician positions typically have an associate degree as their highest level of education; however, employers request at least a high school diploma + additional training/experience in online job postings. There is an opportunity for the colleges to collaborate with employers to provide continuing education to workers who only have a HS diploma. Additionally, according to LaunchBoard, the percentage of students who earned a living wage and the percentage of students who found a job related to their field of study are higher than all CTE/CE programs in general. While there is a strong labor market need, the annual completion numbers for Manufacturing and Industrial Technology (095600) are generally low, suggesting enrollment (marketing and outreach) and retention challenges.

Jesse Lopez   ·  01/19/24

I received a question about the title of this program from Mesa College. The lead instructor's reply is included below: "Manufacturing Fundamentals is the name of the original Certificate of Performance. All of the MFET certificates contribute to an AS Degree for engineering technicians." In addition to the response from the lead faculty member, I included additional information for context. The name of this COA was a strategic attempt to differentiate this award from other awards already offered by the engineering department at SDCC. Lastly, this certificate is an opportunity for students who completed our existing COP, Manufacturing Fundamentals, to pursue additional coursework. We plan to market this COA as a stackable certificate. Please contact me if any clarification is needed. -Jesse

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