Molly Ash   ·  02/19/20

Southwestern recommends this program per email from J. Lewis on 2/14/20

Jesse Lopez   ·  02/18/20

Miramar College supports this Certificate of Achievement.

Dr. Al Taccone   ·  02/11/20

MiraCosta College's child development enrollments continue to fascinate me. Though the wages are low and the employers do not seem to want to commit to jobs I cannot offer enough child development courses. As such MiraCosta College supports the proposal.

Larry McLemore   ·  02/07/20

Question to the over supply, and the lack in north county where the largest production is currently. COE- conclusion was not to recommend. Letters of support do not mention numbers.

Danene Brown   ·  02/06/20

Mesa supports this Certificate of Achievement.

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