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Jennifer Lewis   ·  08/10/23

SWC supports with caution.

George Dowden   ·  08/10/23

Cuyamaca supports based on replacing.

Monica Romero   ·  08/09/23

Mesa College faculty are not in opposition but note that the program looks almost identical to the College of Continuing Education's Business Information Worker certificate series in which students take the same courses. This is cause for concern.

Dr. Javier Ayala   ·  08/07/23

Support with caution from COE. Let's discuss more at Deans' meeting.

Dr. Al Taccone   ·  08/03/23

MiraCosta College moved all of its office administration programs and courses to noncredit. Our enrollments were pretty much non-existent and we realized our degrees and certificates did not add value to the employment potential (given typically a high school diploma is sufficient) and most of our students already had the technical skills we were requiring. Given MiraCosta's approach to office administrative assistant education and training we are OK with City College pursuing.

John Edwards   ·  06/05/23

San Diego City College submitted the appropriate LMI from the COE. The COE recommends proceeding with caution when developing a new program because 1) there is a significant number of similar programs that exist in the region; 2) entry-level wages are below the living wage; but 3) there is a high number of annual job openings. The region should note that employers typically only require a high school diploma or equivalent as the minimum requirement for Office Assistant occupations.

Jeanie M. Tyler   ·  05/30/23

The Certificate of Achievement in Office Administrative Assistant is a new program that will replace the program deactivation of Certificate of Achievement in Business Information Worker II at San Diego City College. Originally submitted as a program award modification titled Certificate of Achievement in Office Administrative Assistant (a modification to the Certificate of Achievement in Business Information Worker II) to Regional Consortium, this new program award does not affect the current supply and demand for completers in the field as it will replace an existing award.

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