Cassandra Storey   ·  08/13/20

SDCE is supportive

Dr. Javier Ayala   ·  08/10/20

Grossmont supports.

Jennifer Lewis   ·  08/10/20

Southwestern supports this program , The CAD program at SWC has a trio of comparable courses to those in the 'Drafting and Design Technician - SolidWorks' certificate

Larry McLemore   ·  08/10/20

Cuyamaca supports this program

Danene Brown   ·  08/04/20

SD Mesa College supports this Certificate of Achievement.

Dr. Al Taccone   ·  08/03/20

Based on LMI data and COE support MiraCosta College endorses this program.

Tina Ngo Bartel   ·  07/31/20

Palomar College submitted the appropriate LMI. Based on the labor market demand and supply gap, the COE endorses this program. TOP code 095300 (Drafting Technology) is an appropriate code for the program.

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