Efrain Silva   ·  12/01/21

IVC supports the modification.

Dr. Al Taccone   ·  11/30/21

MiraCosta, of course, endorses, but, would never consider a new program in hospitality. We are modifying in the hopes of the revised curriculum offering more of what students may need to earn positions in the industry.

Priscilla Fernandez   ·  11/29/21

MiraCosta submitted the appropriate LMI from the COE. The COE recommends proceeding with a new program or a program modification because 1) a supply gap exists in the region; 2) entry-level and median earnings for most occupations are above the living wage; and 3) a high number of annual job openings exist. The colleges should note that employers typically require a bachelor’s degree as the minimum educational requirement for these occupations.

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